Sunday, June 3, 2012

South Stanly vs. Camden County Pregame

Another beautiful sunny cool Carolina afternoon at the Walnut Creek Softball Complex in Raleigh.

South Stanly is warming up in the outfield of Field Three and looks very loose at this point, relaxed enough to include a little dancing.  Camden County is warming up on a neighboring field since there are only two Game Threes here today (Foard and Aycock playing in the 3A final on Field Five).

A large number of South fans are in attendance already, 45 minutes before the start of the game. Many of the fans have the look of the weary traveler after being on the road since Friday afternoon.

The South baseball team stayed over in Raleigh last night to support the softball squad just as the girls did after their game Saturday afternoon. In fact, in the second inning,

Here are today's starting lineups for the game (South Stanly won the coin toss and is the home team).

For the visitors, the Camden County Bruins:

1) 2B, #6 Hailee Anderson
2) CF, #4 Kara Pipkin
3) SS, #10 Erin Forbes
4) 3B, #2 Lindsay Russell
5) 1B, #4 Alexis Jones
6) P, #1 Rachel Gillikin
7) LF, #11 Erica Barnes
8) C, #2 Kayley Lewis
9) RF,#22 Jordan Cuthrell

For South Stanly:
1) LF, #1 Ali Gallagher
2) 2B, #4 Emily Poplin
3) DP, #8 Erin Thompson
4) CF, #1 Haley Carpenter
5) 3B, #12 Lacey Leary
6) 1B, #9 Allison Smith
7) RF, #13 Meredith Martin
8) SS, #11 Haley Starnes
9) P, #10 Steely Russell
and in the flex position, playing catcher, #5 Taylor Gray.

A change in the lineup from yesterday for South as Carpenter moves up into the cleanup position, moving Leary to the five-spot and Smith to sixth.

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  1. from losing record heading into playoffs to a cinderella run to the state championship game,what a turn around. no one could have seen this coming,go camden,no need to stop here,might as well finish off this amazing run and bring the first title ever in any sport back to camden county