Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bottom 1st

1. J.P. Lisk doubles over the right fielder's head.
2. Mykel Golden RBI single to center field, Lisk scores, 1-0 South Stanly.
3. Stephen Wallace doubles to left field, Golden scores (throw high), Wallace reaches third on the throw, 2-0 South Stanly.
4. Grayson Short pops a high fly into short left field, it falls between the second baseman and right fielder, goes as an RBI double, Wallace scores, 3-0 South.
4a. Short picked off at second base.
5. Jordan Starnes strikes out.
6. Austin Smith hit by a pitch.
7. Russ Weiker called out on strikes.

3 R, 4 hits, 0 E, 1 left on.  3-0 South Stanly.

Lisk really put a charge into that ball; Wallace's double was hit hard and curled away from the left fielder, also reaching the fence.

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