Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bottom 3

1. Wallace on a ground ball to short, throw pulls first baseman off the bag, ruled a hit (would have been a spectacular play if completed).
2. Short sacrifice bunt to the pitcher, Wallace to second base.
3. Starnes hits a high fly ball, drops in front of three players, Wallace had to hold the bag at second, gets to third.
4. Austin Smith struck out swinging.
5. Russ Weiker singles to center field, Wallace and Starnes scored, 5-0.
6. Connor Ford doubles off the wall in center field, Trenten Weathers scored. 6-0 South (Ford reaches third on the throw).
6a. Wild Pitch, Ford scores, 7-0 South.
7. Poplin grounds out to the pitcher.

Four runs in the inning, 7-0 South Stanly after three innings.

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