Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bottom 4

1. Lisk grounds out to the first baseman.
2. Golden singles to right field.
3. Wallace hits a screaming line drive to third base, hits third baseman Dillon Vincent in the right leg, he is down on the field.
4. Grayson Short hits a three-run bomb over the Green Monster-height blue-colored fence in left field, 10-0 South.
5. Jordan Starnes walks.
6. Austin Smith hit by a pitch (second time he has been plunked), Starnes to second.
7. Russ Weiker grounds out to first base, Starnes to third, Smith to second.
8. Connor Ford doubles to right-center field, Starnes and Smith score, 12-0 South Stanly.
9. Chase Poplin  RBI double, Ford scored, 13-0 South.
10. J.P. Lisk pops out to short, inning over.

6 runs in the bottom of the fourth.  Voyager has to score four runs to keep this game going or the 10-run rule will end it.

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