Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beautiful Morning at Durham Bulls Athletic Park

It's a crisp, cool Saturday morning at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and the field is in good shape for the opening game of the state 1A baseball playoff series between the visitors for this game, Voyager Academy, and the home team for Game One, South Stanly.

I just got through walking on the field and it is a little wet but kudos to the DBAP grounds crew for keeping the field in good condition through the overnight storms that swept through the Triangle.

Something called sunshine, which was in short supply yesterday, is softly warming the field up for what should be a interesting series between a very young Vikings squad and the veteran Rowdy Rebel Bulls.

Here are today's starting lineups for Game One.

First, for Voyager Academy:

1) P, #26 Chad Sykes
2) RF, # 2 John Sanders
3) C, #10 Hunter Coates
4) SS, #20 Loy Stone
5) CF, #12, Kiki Kornegay
6) 2B, #13, Jake Olimpo
7) 3B, #22 Dillon Vincent
8) 1B, #9 A.J. Lemoine
9) LF, #4 Nick Batten

For South Stanly:

1) 2B, #3 J.P. Lisk
2) LF, #11 Mykel Golden
3) 3B, #4 Stephen Wallace
4) CF, #10 Grayson Short
5) 1B, #12 Jordan Starnes
6) DH, #2 Austin Smith
7) P, #15 Russ Weiker
8) RF, #5 Connor Ford
9) SS, #1 Chase Poplin
and playing catcher, #9 Heath Blackmon.

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