Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally Tired of Red least for now...and a Sunday preview

It's Thursday morning and I've just finished the sports section for the Thursday print edition of the paper. Still, I can't get the images out of my head of Tuesday night's Big A Challenge down at Andy's Burgers in Locust.

I said this in the paper today but I reiterate it again: do not try this challenge unless you are fully prepared for it. There are ways to help stretch your stomach to do these challenges, but if you are not in great health, don't bother.

It's like some sports, challenges are for younger people with appetites or those of us blessed with high metabolisms.

I can't even pass by the fast food places in town without my stomach starting to hurt for no apparent reason.

So no red meat for me for a while...luckily my beautiful wife and I have a vast menu of food we like to cook that are not beef-related.

- A small preview for Sunday's paper...we will have softball and baseball coverage, plus the latest Pfeiffer sports news and a new cycling event coming to downtown Albemarle this month as well.